What does Dont Get Caught mean?

Our founder Trixie saw the words “DON’T GET CAUGHT” tagged on a wall & was immediately inspired. Whoever tagged the words felt so compelled to spread their art and message that they were even willing to break the rules. We believe that in this crazy world today, those seeking radical change and the greater good are the ones who are willing to speak up, speak out, and get into some #goodtrouble. 😈 We design and produce with intent & authenticity. We want to encourage each of our #Caughtties to go out into the world with the same mindset, fight the good fight, and 💄DONT GET CAUGHT💄

What are rescued tees?

T-shirts are often hand-made by skilled sewers. ✂️ Most go through a wash process to soften or dye the shirts. Often times slight damages happen in the process. These could be small pinprick holes, skipped stitches, & slight dye defects. No two are alike and each tee is unique. Most companies recycle these tees, which means all the work and love put into it never gets a chance to be worn! We rescue these “damages” and give them new life & a second chance with our original graphics 🙌

Where does DGC rescue their tees from?

We only partner with responsible tee manufacturers that align with the same ideals as DGC. That means fair working conditions and wages for all employees as well as a shared love for the planet. 🌱Companies take a loss when they have damages. We offer a fair price in exchange for the tees so everybody wins. We make sure that we only source from high quality manufacturers that make beautiful and SOFT tees you’ll never want to take off 💕

Why is rescuing tees important?

We believe that it’s important to know where your clothes come from. When real people put in the time and love to make a tee, it’s a shame for it to go straight to the recycling plant! We believe that perfection is an unattainable and toxic ideal. 🙅‍♀️ We want to help our #Caughtties embrace their imperfections and give a new perspective on how their purchases affect the planet, people, and themselves. All while feeling & looking like a badass 💋

Can I return / exchange my DGC tee?

We have an extensive vetting process for each of our rescued tees to ensure quality. Due to the nature of each tee being unique we are unable to offer returns or exchanges. That said we are here to listen and always open to a conversation and want to make sure you love your DCG tee ❣️